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  •   IIM Researchers Find Ways to Self-assemble and Obtain Au Nanorods at Liquid/Liquid Interface

  • QQ图片20180117154620.png Recently, researchers developed a rapid and valid method to fabricate large-scale close packed nanomaterials at the cyclohexane/water interface in which Au nanorods (AuNRs) self-assembled into densely packed two dimensional (2D) arrays by regulating the surface ligand and suitable inducer.
  • IIM Researchers Manage to Synthesize Belt-like Nanomaterials (Cu2Se, CuO) and Apply it to Hydrothion (H2S) Sensor 2017-12-18
  • IIM Researchers Reveal the Surface Defects Enhancing Electrochemical Detection of As(III) onCo0.6Fe2.4O4 Nanocubes Self-Assembly Monolayer 2017-12-18
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    The First Unmanned Intelligent Patrol Craft of China Showed Its First Cruise on Swan Lake 2017-07-10
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    IIM Scientists Attended the Opening Cer... 2017-05-16
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