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About IJIA
Update time: 2011-11-24
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   The International Journal of Information Acquisition is a high quality journal that aims to promote interaction and the exchange of original investigations and inventions, research findings and results, academic philosophies and opinions in information acquisition science and technology. The journal seeks to advance the fundamental theories, key technologies, and the critical applications in information acquisition science and technology.

  The International Journal of Information Acquisition publishes high quality, peer-reviewed papers on a wide range of information acquisition theories. The articles are not limited to the following:

  • the mechanism and physical insights of sensing
  • sensing materials
  • sensors and sensing devices
  • multi-source information fusion and integration
  • detection and measurement apparatus
  • machine sensing and algorithms
  • micro- and nano-scale sensor and sensing devices
  • sensor information acquisition
  • presentation and substitution
  • psychophysics and applications in sensor design
  • neurophysics and applications in information processing
  • and other related topics

   The journal papers will be partitioned into the following categories: Theory, Sensitive Materials and Devices, Sensors, Machine Sensing and Algorithms, Applications and Reviews.


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