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Prof. Bo Zhang from University of Washington Visited IIM
Author: Tianjia Jiang
Update time: 2015-08-21
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  On the morning of July 27th, Prof. Bo Zhang from University of Washington (USA) visited IIM. He gave a lecture entitled "Nanoscale Electrochemistry and Single Nanoparticles".He introduced his recent advances in fluorescence assisted electrochemistry and the electrochemical performance of single nanoparticles. He showed how to fabricate a nanoelectrode and also discussed the redox reaction and electromigration kinetics on the nanoelectrode in electrochemical process.The presentation attracted many researchers and graduate students and it stimulated an energetic discussion after the talk.

  Dr. Bo Zhang got his PhD in 2006 at University of Utah, USA and has worked at University of Washington since 2008. He is the assistant Professor at University of Washington and his research focuses on the nanoscale electrochemistry. He has 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Nature Nanotech (1 articles), JACS (7 articles), AC (17 articles).


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