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IIM Scientists Develop Accurate Determination of Mercury(II) in Blood Using Solution-Ga... 2019-07-11
IIM Researchers Find New Interference Mechanism in Simultaneous Detection of Multiple H... 2019-07-04
IIM Researchers Realize Visual Real-Time and Semi-Quantitative Detection of Lead Ions i... 2019-06-28
A Nanoscale “Yarn Ball”-Like Heteropoly Blue Catalyst Eliminating Antibiotics in Aqua... 2019-06-11
IIM Scientists Realize Accurate Detection of Heavy Metal IonsUsing Nanocomposite 2019-03-14
Scientist HUANG Xingjiu from IIM Wins the 2018 Science and Technology Award of China As... 2018-12-26
Breakthrough in Efficient Elimination of Antibiotics in Aquatic Environment 2018-12-25
Intelligent Cleaning Autonomous Surface Vehicle --Intelligent Cleaning - 1 Designed by ... 2018-11-16
IIM Researchers Realize Selective Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in Rice Phloem Sap 2018-10-17
IIM Researchers Reveal Ultrahigh Electrochemical Sensing of Heavy Metal Ions via Defect... 2018-08-17
IIM Scientists Publish A Review Article on Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2018-07-24
IIM Researchers Developed Highly Sensitive and Selective Butanol Sensors Using Intermed... 2018-06-21
New SERRS Platform to Realize High Sensitive and Selective Detection of Catecholamine i... 2018-05-16
An Ideal Optical Imaging Contrast Agent: Cross-Platform Cancer Cell Identification and ... 2018-04-11
New Progress on Graphene Oxide-Based Aptamer Sensor by IIM Scientist 2018-03-30
IIM Researchers Reveal the Surface Fe(II)/Fe(III) Cycle Promoted Electrochemical Sensi... 2018-03-27
IIM Researchers Made New Progress in the Field of Electrochemical Detection of Heavy Me... 2018-03-20
IIM Researchers Reveal Sodium Chloride Crystal-Induced SERS Platform For Controlled Hig... 2018-02-28
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