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IIM Scientists Use Functionalized Acupuncture Needle as SERS Sensor

for in situ ...

  IIM Researchers Find Ways to Self-assemble and Obtain Au Nanorods at Liquid/Liqu...

IIM Researchers Manage to Synthesize Belt-like Nanomaterials (Cu2Se, CuO) and Apply it ... 2017-12-18
IIM Researchers Reveal the Surface Defects Enhancing Electrochemical Detection of As(II... 2017-12-18
IIM Researchers Realize Selective and Sensitive Sensing Lead(II) in Wastewater 2017-11-17
IIM Realized Real-Time Monitoring of Plasmon-Induced Proton 2017-09-25
IIM Scientists Published A Review Article on Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2017-09-19
Reliable Electrochemical Detection of Arsenic(III)in Nearly Natural Water pH Is Achieved 2017-08-22
IIM Scientists Realized Rapid Adsorption of Pb, Cu and Cd from Drinking Water by β-cyc... 2017-07-21
Researcher from IIM Published a Survey Paper on Sparse Learning 2017-06-27
IIM Realized Selective Electrochemical Response Toward Pb(II) 2017-05-18
Researchers Designed in situ EC-LIBS Device to Detect Cr(VI) in Aqueous Solution 2017-05-05
IIM Researchers Realized Highly Selective Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Scattering D... 2017-05-04
IIM Scientists Realized Removal of Fluoride and Organic Micropollutants from Contaminat... 2017-04-19
Catalysis of Oxygen Vacancy on Striping Behavior at (001) Surface of TiO2 Nanosheet 2017-03-10
IIM Researchers Published an Invited Review Article in the Internationally Authoritativ... 2017-02-28
Why Different Exposed Facets of SnO2 Nanomaterials Exhibit Different Performances in El... 2017-02-26
Nanocomposite Film Contributes to Efficient Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy 2017-02-22
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