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Raman Sensor Strips can Sniff Out Explosives Oodor 2014-04-22
Capillarity-Constructed Reversible Hot Spots for Molecular Trapping and Ultrahigh SERS ... 2014-04-22
Three-Dimensional and Time-Ordered Hotspot Matrix for Ultrahigh SERS Enhancement 2014-04-21
A Molecular-Gap Device to Detect Heavy Metal Ions 2013-12-17
The crystal facet effect of nanoscale metal oxide in electrochemical response toward he... 2013-10-17
Dual-Emission Quantum Dots Hybrid for On-site Visually Monitoring Copper Residues in Co... 2013-08-14
Breakthrough on Data Association Problem Made by Robot Sensor & Human-Machine Interacti... 2013-08-12
Heavy metal contaminants inducing assembly of DNA programmable anisotropic nanogold col... 2013-08-02
Photoluminescent Graphene Oxide Ink to Print Paper-Based Visualization Biosensors for B... 2012-05-09
Graphene/nanogold Allow Ultrasensitive Detection of Heavy Metal Contaminations in Drink... 2011-12-12
Prof. Ishii of Hiroshima University was Accepted as CAS Visiting Professorships for Sen... 2011-11-19
Prof. Ning Wang from Oklahoma State University(USA) made an academic report on intellig... 2011-11-17
IIM’ Research Group Create a Series of Achievements on Persistent Organic Pollutants (... 2011-11-16
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