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Design and Construction of a Sensing Interface for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of As(III) 2016-01-07
An Autonomous Surface Vehicle Using Wind and Solar Hybrid Generating System 2016-01-05
Researchers Reveal Electrochemical Analysis Mechanism on Different Crystal Phase of Nan... 2015-12-21
Prof. Yong Yu from Kagoshima University visited IIM 2015-09-30
IIM Made New Progress in Single White Light Upconversion Nanostructure 2015-08-28
IIM Realizes Electroadsorption-Assisted Direct Determination of Trace As(III) Using X-r... 2015-08-21
Sensitive Detection under Longer Wavelengths and Low-energy Excitation Was Realized 2015-07-07
IIM Made New Progress in Single and Optical Visualization Surface-Enhanced Raman Scatte... 2015-07-01
Three-Dimensional SERS Hotspots Superstructure for Detection of Drugs in Human Urine 2015-05-11
New Progress for The Detection of Cr(VI) by Electrochemical Methods Achieved by Researc... 2015-04-08
Great Progress in Visual Chemical Detection of Gaseous Contaminants by IIM 2015-04-08
New Progress in the Study of Stability, Electrical Transport, and Mechanical Properties... 2015-03-09
IIM Made Progress in Cancer Biomarker Identification Methodology 2014-11-17
Detection of Inorganic Arsenic Pollution in Environment Using Micro/Nano- Electrochemis... 2014-09-10
Prof. HerschelRabitz Received the Huangshan Friendship Award from Direct General of For... 2014-09-09
Removal of Co(II) ions in water environment using a newly designed amination graphene o... 2014-06-11
Raman Sensor Strips can Sniff Out Explosives Oodor 2014-04-22
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